Greetings L.I.F.E. Practitioners,

We are so pleased to present this month’s international speaker Amy Thomas, OD, FCOVD.

Iridology and Campimetry Talk.

Iridology, which is the study of how to measure stress levels that are unacceptable to our bodies, has been sorely underrepresented in basic science and medical practices. This form of measurement shows the connections between the irides and the organ systems that stem from the same mesodermal layer in the embryo as it develops into a full-grown person. This lecture will quickly outline those connections and show common problems that are seen when there are imbalances in these systems. In our practice, we use these measurements to understand the foundation around which our patients have formed. We then use color visual fields to measure where they are going. Each color represents amazing things and tells which organ systems are most affected. Some colors represent toxic load, some acute inflammation, some chronic inflammation, some vitality. This lecture will walk you through many of the common patterns found in stressed systems, how we communicate these with our patients, and also how it helps with compliance in our treatment regimens.

Amy Thomas, OD, FCOVD is a neurocognitive optometrist who has spent many years gathering information from many different disciplines to better understand how the physical, cognitive, and emotional systems of her patients are affected by the stressors of life. These stressors can range from having the cord wrapped around the neck at birth causing a shift in development to a significant car accident that has made reading and writing an unbearable chore. She is the owner and clinical director of Arizona Vision Therapy Center and Southern Arizona Sensory Learning Center in Tucson, Arizona. On any given day, she gets to work with patients who struggle with attention, anxiety, academics, balance, coordination, and social interactions. Since vision is connected to over 80% of the brain, she can use visual tools such as lenses, prisms, tints, vision therapy and sensory therapy to affect most of the brain for the better. The best way to contact her is through

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