4th L.I.F.E. System – World Congress

Reunion of L.I.F.E. International Community

Nice, France – November 17th-18th 2022.

Join Us On This Delightful Event

Live the body & the mind at the right frequency Bio resonance. The World Congress accompanies you in the discovery of the universe of Bio resonance and Biofeedback to harmonize body and mind. Come and enjoy; and share the expertise of our speakers during the 4th L.I.F.E-System World Congress on November 17th & 18th, 2022. Face-to-face, you can take the advantage to meet the experts, have some relaxation times around lunches and cocktails, approach and talk to them directly. Two days (Thursday & Friday) in Nice, in an idyllic setting on the Côte d’Azur, facing the port and the sea.

Exceptional lucky draw reserved only for those present; to be won: several bio resonance software (HEB II– Body Balancer) and Beauty4LIFE kit and as well as a super-lot a FULL L.I.F.E. System!

On behalf of L.I.F.E. International Community, we sincerely invite you to our 4th World Conference.
The Conference will be held from
17th – 18th November 2022 in Nice, France.
Spend two days with the experts to understand how to use the L.I.F.E.-System, to maintain your body in good health, to control pain, to balance your nutrient needs, to stimulate your muscles, to improve your posture, to oxygenate your cells, to harmonize your emotions…
Grace Gao, USA
Grace Gao, USA
CEO L.I.F.E.-System – HET, Harmonic Energetic Technologies
Claude-Jean Lapostat
Claude-Jean LapostatThe Organizers
Quantaform International Trainer & Exclusive Distributor
Nelda Lapostat
Nelda LapostatThe Organizers
Quantaform International Trainer & Exclusive Distributor
 Doctor Patrick Bache, Spain
Doctor Patrick Bache, SpainDental surgeon
A better posture for a better performance.
Arnaud Tortel, France
Arnaud Tortel, FrancePhysiotherapist, dietetics expert and coach of top athletes.
Pain management.
Jean-Jacques Jean-Jacques Dugoua, ND.PhD. Canada
Jean-Jacques Jean-Jacques Dugoua, ND.PhD. CanadaNaturopathic Doctor
Importance of holistic therapies related to Biofeedback in the field of naturopathic applications.
Marco Landi, France
Marco Landi, FranceFormer World President of Apple and current President of EuropIA
Roméo Cournal, France
Roméo Cournal, FranceIntuitive coach and trainer specialised in Applied Neuroscience
“The neuro-scientific approach to the mental preparation of athletes”
Jeremy R. Werner, USA
Jeremy R. Werner, USAAcupuncturist and certified herbalist