4th L.I.F.E. System – World Congress
Reunion of L.I.F.E. International Community

Nice, France – November 17th-18th 2022.

Our special thanks to Nelda and Claude Jean Lapostat and your team for the wonderful job you did on the 4th L.I.F.E. System – World Congress. The customers were delighted with the presentation and especially appreciated your endless energy. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It is a joy for us to work with such dedicated and talented friends and colleagues.

Grace Gao, USA
Grace Gao, USA
CEO L.I.F.E.-System – HET, Harmonic Energetic Technologies
Claude-Jean Lapostat
Claude-Jean LapostatThe Organizers
Quantaform International Trainer & Exclusive Distributor
Nelda Lapostat
Nelda LapostatThe Organizers
Quantaform International Trainer & Exclusive Distributor
 Doctor Patrick Bache, Spain
Doctor Patrick Bache, SpainDental surgeon
A better posture for a better performance.
Arnaud Tortel, France
Arnaud Tortel, FrancePhysiotherapist, dietetics expert and coach of top athletes.
Pain management.
Jean-Jacques Jean-Jacques Dugoua, ND.PhD. Canada
Jean-Jacques Jean-Jacques Dugoua, ND.PhD. CanadaNaturopathic Doctor
Importance of holistic therapies related to Biofeedback in the field of naturopathic applications.
Marco Landi, France
Marco Landi, FranceFormer World President of Apple and current President of EuropIA
Roméo Cournal, France
Roméo Cournal, FranceIntuitive coach and trainer specialised in Applied Neuroscience
“The neuro-scientific approach to the mental preparation of athletes”
Jeremy R. Werner, USA
Jeremy R. Werner, USAAcupuncturist and certified herbalist